Relaxation therapies, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and energy healing at AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey and Energessence Natural Healing – with clinics in the Leatherhead and Epsom, Surrey areas

AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey and Energessence Natural Healing now have clinics in Great Bookham (near Leatherhead), Ashtead, and Ewell (near Epsom), Surrey. Following a sabbatical period, the full range of relaxation therapy / stress management, emotional therapy, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, and energy healing services are now available, and I look forward to greeting you and helping you meet your healing / therapy needs. My aim has always been to help empower a person in their healing journey, providing guidance and methods to facilitate their innate self-healing abilities, and ultimately enabling them to recognise, trust, utilise and optimise their own personal power, as well as recognising, accessing and trusting the universal intelligence that is available to all. These may be controversial ideas to some, but I make no apologies. “To every man, his own Truth, and the God within..” (Taken from The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Bradley, so please forgive the overt masculine references, but it is meant for everyone, male, female, or neither, animal, plant, or other living thing..). At this time in our world’s development, it is of importance more than ever that we feel and express the highest qualities we can – of tolerance, compassion, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, wisdom and unconditional love…

If you would like a pragmatic approach to dealing with your problems, then perhaps cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy is the approach for you. If you need a broader and more free-flowing therapeutic experience, then EFT is an alternative approach you can try, to perhaps help you cut your way through layers of confusing emotional issues. If you are feeling low in energy or have had prolonged stresses or illness to deal with, and you need a more passive and supportive approach to get you up and going again, then an energy healing (eg. Reiki and Deep Relaxation) approach may be a more sympathetic option for you to begin with. Whatever approach is your preference, I look forward to meeting you at one of our clinics. Please visit other parts of this website, and / or phone or email for further information or to book an appointment (see contact details at top right of this blog page).

Amanda Jackson-Russell, Clinical & Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapist, BSc (Hons), PhD (Neuroscience), EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Relaxation & Meditation Instructor, MNFSH, Medical Writer & Editor. AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey & Energessence Natural Healing.

Scientific support for emotional freedom technique (EFT; energy psychology), available from AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey, near Leatherhead, Surrey – for negative thoughts/beliefs, fears, anxiety, guilt, traumas, self-image, stress triggers and stress-related health issues

Emotional freedom technique (EFT; energy psychology) is available at AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey and Energessence Natural Healing, with clinics in the Leatherhead, Ashtead and Epsom, Surrey areas. This remarkable therapy recognises the links between emotions, thought processes, energy flows in the body, and physical and mental health. EFT involves activation of specific energy points and meridians (by gentle tapping on acupressure points with the fingers), combined with modern psychological techniques, to help release and clear emotional blocks or issues (eg. negative mental conditioning, sources of inferiority, negative emotions such as guilt or fear, emotional “baggage”, hang-ups, traumas, anxieties) and other triggers of stress that prevent us from living and enjoying life to the full. Since many physical health problems are also linked to underlying emotional issues or stress, EFT may help alleviate these too.

Recent scientific research findings in the rapidly progressing areas of epigenetics and neuropsychology support the effectiveness of emotional freedom technique (EFT) as a psychotherapeutic modality, and also provide a scientific rationale for its mode of action. Feinstein & Church (2010) report that acupressure point stimulation rapidly reduces hyper-arousal by sending neurological signals to the amygdala, a part of the brain involved in the “fight-or-flight” (stress) response and associated negative emotions (fear, panic, anxiety, etc). When stimulation of particular acupressure points is combined with psychological techniques involving exposure to the negative emotions and a cognitive shift (as in EFT), two mutually exclusive effects are evoked (reduced physiological arousal, alongside a “maladaptive” emotion such as anxiety), which appear to have the ability to rapidly cancel each other out (called reciprocal inhibition). Within a relatively short period of time, this can result in resolution of the emotional issue through a “counter-conditioning” effect. Reviewing preliminary scientific evidence, Feinstein & Church suggest that EFT/energy psychology and related modalities are likely to involve activation of genes that restore balance to neural communication pathways involved in the stress response and other physiological mechanisms. If you would like to try emotional freedom technique (EFT) for yourself, phone or email AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey for further information or an appointment (see contact details at the top right of this page).

AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey offers clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT; also sometimes described as energy psychology or meridian therapy), Reiki with deep relaxation, and other approaches to stress reduction, therapeutic relaxation and natural healing. Clinics are at several locations near Leatherhead and Epsom, Surrey.