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Welcome to AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Welcome to AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching, using the most up-to-date techniques of evidence-based clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, as well as more traditional hypnotherapy approaches, coaching methods, and other psychotherapeutic modalities, as appropriate to the individual needs of each client.

Hypnotherapy & Hypno-Coaching for the 21st Century

AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching offers therapy and coaching solutions for the 21st Century. I provide personal online sessions via Skype, Messenger or Zoom. You can attend sessions in the comfort of your home or whatever private space you happen to be in. Sessions are often supplemented with audio recordings and other resources, so you can reinforce the effects of hypnosis in between your one-to-one sessions.

I also offer “on-the-go” personalised hypnotherapy and hypno-coaching packages, designed according to your specific individual requirements, which you can carry out in your own time and space at your own convenience. If you have ever considered that you might benefit from hypnosis or hypnotherapy, but you just can’t find the time in the middle of the crazy busy working week, then a bespoke coaching, training or therapy package might just be the practical, no-nonsense, convenient solution you have been looking for. A typical individualised package comprises audio recordings and some written information sheets and exercises, with clear guidance on how to follow your programme. It also includes personal support via phone, email or online as appropriate.

Whether it be increasing your self-confidence, developing your assertiveness skills, lowering stress levels, overcoming panic attacks, giving eloquent and confident presentations, focusing on your goals, overcoming exam or interview nerves, or other “challenges” – be assured – this is NOT a “One Size Fits All”-type of service. Whatever option you choose (online, or at-home practice), you get a highly individualised personal consultation and assessment (via phone or online), so that we can get to the bottom of your issues and determine exactly what is the best “action programme” for you (whether therapy, coaching or skills training – eg. relaxation or mindfulness skills). I then put together a package especially for you.

Expertise & Specialisms

AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching specialises particularly in stress management, anxiety management (including social and performance anxiety, exam or interview nerves), emotional issues (fears, past traumas), personal development (eg. self-esteem and confidence, assertiveness, goal setting and achievement, public speaking, personal empowerment), skills training (eg. relaxation skills, self-hypnosis, coping skills, mindfulness, meditation, creative visualisation) and positive change, although other issues and conditions are also addressed.

If you are looking to:

– make positive life changes
– overcome emotional blocks or past traumas
– rid yourself of anxieties, fears or unwanted habits
– improve your confidence and self-esteem
– become more assertive
– reduce stress and learn relaxation skills
– enhance your personal, work or skills performance
– achieve your goals
– improve your social skills
– overcome exam or interview nerves
– overcome shyness or social anxiety
– overcome stage fright or performance anxiety
– give more confident presentations
– enhance professional or creative skills
– manage pain or health problems where conventional treatment has been inadequate
– improve your problem-solving skills
– get your career or personal life back on track
– change negative thought or behaviour patterns that may be holding you back or affecting your quality of life
– improve your overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing
– learn self-hypnosis, relaxation skills, coping skills, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation or other skills to help you manage your life more effectively…

…then hypnotherapy may be able to help.

AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching uses the latest techniques of evidence-based clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, as well as more traditional hypnotherapy approaches and techniques, to tailor a programme to meet your individual needs.

Amanda Jackson-Russell, BSc Hons, Dip. Cogn-Behav. Hyp. (HPD), Dip. BWY, MNFSH, PhD (Neuroscience), EFT Practitioner
Clinical & Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist

Amanda trained with the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, a division of the UK College of Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies. She is a registered member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), and is also a Certified Hypnotherapist with the USA-based Quantum Edge Healing Institute. In addition to hypnotherapy, Amanda also practises emotional freedom technique (EFT), and Reiki combined with deep relaxation. A qualified yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga for more than 25 years, she also has extensive experience of teaching yoga-based relaxation, relaxation skills, stress reduction and management skills, meditation and mindfulness.

Amanda’s early career was in medical and clinical research. She gained her BSc (Hons) in Physiology from the University of Manchester, and her PhD in Neuroscience in the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles. Her studies were fuelled by her enduring fascination with the human organism and, in particular, the powerful influences and control that the brain and mind have over the body, health, behaviour and wellbeing. While working in both academic and pharmaceutical research, then later in medical publishing, Amanda’s private interests led her to begin her long exploration into natural healing, and she subsequently gained training and experience in a wide range of therapeutic methods and techniques. Amanda’s hypnotherapy training brought her full-circle, crystallising her understanding and knowledge of the brain-mind-body connection, and enabling her to bring together all her skills and experience to help her clients gain greater mastery over their thoughts, emotions, energies, behaviours, health and wellbeing, and assist them in achieving their individual potentials. Amanda has been practising as a mind-body therapist for the past 18 years. She specialises in hypnotherapy, stress management, relaxation therapy/training, and energy healing. She regularly attends training workshops and specialist courses to maintain, update and extend her professional skills and knowledge.

The Power of the Brain & Mind

Mainstream medicine denied the links between the mind and the body for centuries. However, exciting developments over the last 30 years or so have finally confirmed the existence of important links between the brain, mind, emotions, autonomic nervous system, hormones and the immune system (the disciplines known as psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI, psychophysiology and neuroendocrinology), vindicating the common-sense notion that our minds, emotions and stresses have a profound influence over our health. Latest research findings have also shown how meditation and mindfulness can affect the actual structure of the brain (termed neuroplasticity) – essentially re-wiring it along new neural pathways. Such findings provide a real basis to explain how techniques of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis, such as rehearsal of mental imagery (with focused and repeated practice) and practice of cognitive and behavioural strategies, can bring about real and lasting changes in our brains, thoughts, emotions, bodies and behaviour.

AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Providing online therapy and coaching services worldwide. Locally serving the West Sussex areas of Worthing, West Worthing, Lancing, Goring-by-Sea, Ferring, Durrington, Rustington, Findon, Findon Valley, A24, A27, A259, A2032, and surrounding areas of West Sussex, UK. We are also within easy reach of Horsham, London Gatwick airport, Surrey Hills, East Sussex, Brighton and Hove, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Chichester, just an hour from the M25 / London Orbital, as well as having direct rail links with London Victoria and East Croydon, Surrey, UK.