New Year, New You! Forge Ahead in New Year 2012 with Hypnotherapy in Surrey! Solutions to Presentation Nerves, Public Speaking, Interview Nerves, Social Anxiety, Lack of Self-Confidence or Assertiveness, and much more, with AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey, near Leatherhead and Epsom, Surrey

AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey specialises in clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, using the latest evidence-based techniques as well as tried and tested traditional methods. In our clinics near Epsom and Leatherhead, Surrey, you can discover the many benefits. Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy deals with the here-and-now to help you change self-limiting thought patterns, feelings, emotions, behaviours, habits and reactions. Unlike some other styles of hypnosis, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy puts you in the driving seat – you are in control of your hypnotherapy experiences and take an active role in your therapy. As famously advised by renowned personal growth and self-help author Susan Jeffers: Feel The Fear… And Do It Anyway! So why not forge ahead in 2012 with a new you! Research-based methods of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears, resulting in greater self-efficacy and self-confidence, which can then spread out to positively influence other areas of your life. AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey has clinics in Great Bookham, Leatherhead and Ewell (near Epsom), Surrey.

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