Anxious, stressed, unfocused, stuck, or in a negative spiral? Ever thought about Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Coaching, but can’t seem to find the time? Enquire about our convenient, cost-effective Bespoke Packages today!


Do you need respite from your busy life to help get things into focus, set goals and follow through on them, combat performance anxiety or interview nerves, or deal with other emotional issues, panic attacks, negative thinking or unwanted habits? But it seems impossible, as you just can’t find the time in the middle of your busy week, and you are too tired at the weekend to bother?

Everyone’s lives are busier than ever these days, so it can be hard to find time, space, motivation or “justification” to take care of our own wellbeing and personal needs. Coaching and therapy sessions can also seem quite expensive, especially if you aren’t sure you will be able to complete the recommended number of sessions. And telling your boss or colleagues that you need to take time off work for a hypnotherapy session isn’t something that appeals to everyone either.

At AJR Hypnotherapy & Coaching, we are now offering Bespoke Packages – designed especially for you – that you can follow in your own time and space and at your own pace. These comprise a combination of audio recordings (usually MP3 format, but CDs can also be provided) and printed documents (pdf or Word format), with personal support via email, phone and/or Skype as appropriate. Following an initial consultation and personal assessment of your needs, usually carried out via a combination of phone call and email exchanges, we design an individual therapy or coaching package tailored to suit your requirements and needs. This can work out to be very cost-effective (costing around one-half of the price of the minimum recommended number of therapy-room sessions), as well as time-effective, and can also be more “treatment”-effective, since you have all the audio recordings and printed supporting documents to hand, so you can listen to sessions and carry out exercises again and again – as many times as you want to – to reinforce the therapeutic, motivational and hypnotic effects.

Why not enquire today? Please use the Contact Form at , providing your full name, address and contact details, and a brief account of what sort of assistance you are looking for, or what personal issue(s) you are struggling with, and why you think hypnotherapy or hypno-coaching might provide the answers. (Also check out our Shop at , where you will find additional helpful resources, such as the Mindful Relaxation Skills Training Programme .)

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