Reduce stress, overcome anxiety, increase self-esteem, give more confident presentations, become more assertive, and more, at AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey, with clinics in the Epsom and Leatherhead, Surrey, areas

Welcome to AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey, where we use the most up-to-date techniques of evidence-based clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy as well as more traditional hypnotherapy approaches. AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey specialises particularly in stress management, anxiety management (including social or performance anxiety, exam or interview nerves), emotional issues (fears, past trauma), personal development (eg. self-esteem and confidence, assertiveness, goal setting and achievement, public speaking), skills training (eg. relaxation skills, self-hypnosis, coping skills, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation) and positive change, although other issues and conditions are also addressed.

Are you looking to:
– make positive life changes
– improve your confidence and self-esteem
– overcome emotional blocks or hang-ups
– reduce stress and learn relaxation skills
– rid yourself of anxieties, fears or panic attacks
– give more confident presentations
– change limiting thought or behaviour patterns that are holding you back
– overcome exam or interview nerves
– become more assertive
– overcome shyness or social anxiety
– achieve your goals
– overcome stage fright or performance anxiety
– enhance your professional or creative skills
– manage pain or health problems where conventional treatment has been
– get your career or personal life back on track
– improve your overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing
– learn self-hypnosis, relaxation skills, coping skills, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation or other skills to help you manage your life more effectively…

If the answer to any of these is “Yes”, then hypnotherapy may be
able to help.

AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey uses the latest techniques of evidence-based clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, as well as more traditional hypnotherapy approaches and techniques, to tailor treatment to your individual needs. For further information, to book an appointment, or to leave a message, phone 01372 279841 or email


New Year, New You! Forge Ahead in New Year 2012 with Hypnotherapy in Surrey! Solutions to Presentation Nerves, Public Speaking, Interview Nerves, Social Anxiety, Lack of Self-Confidence or Assertiveness, and much more, with AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey, near Leatherhead and Epsom, Surrey

AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey specialises in clinical and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy, using the latest evidence-based techniques as well as tried and tested traditional methods. In our clinics near Epsom and Leatherhead, Surrey, you can discover the many benefits. Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy deals with the here-and-now to help you change self-limiting thought patterns, feelings, emotions, behaviours, habits and reactions. Unlike some other styles of hypnosis, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy puts you in the driving seat – you are in control of your hypnotherapy experiences and take an active role in your therapy. As famously advised by renowned personal growth and self-help author Susan Jeffers: Feel The Fear… And Do It Anyway! So why not forge ahead in 2012 with a new you! Research-based methods of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears, resulting in greater self-efficacy and self-confidence, which can then spread out to positively influence other areas of your life. AJR Hypnotherapy Surrey has clinics in Great Bookham, Leatherhead and Ewell (near Epsom), Surrey.