Packages & Programmes

Therapy, Skills Training or Coaching Programmes

Do you feel anxious, stressed, unfocused, stuck, or in a downward spiral of negative emotions or thinking? But you have little or no time for personal therapy or coaching? One of our convenient, cost-effective, Bespoke Hypnotherapy, Coaching or Training Packages – that you can follow in your own time – may just be the solution you are looking for.

To help you get the focus, support and guidance you need, why not enquire today about a Bespoke Package designed especially for you? You will be able to follow it in your own time and space and at your own pace. Each individually tailored package comprises a combination of audio recordings (usually MP3 format, but CDs can also be provided) and printed documents (pdf or Word format), and includes personal support via email, phone and/or Skype as appropriate.

Some other standard (non-bespoke) packages are also available and are very comprehensive and easy to follow.

Prices of Bespoke Packages vary depending on individual/specific requirements. However packages are very cost-effective, often costing around half the price of an initial/basic course of one-to-one (in-person or online) hypnotherapy or coaching sessions. With Bespoke Packages, some personal support is included. With all of the packages, for effective and lasting results, your own motivation, self-discipline and regular practice are also required!